Use the SeaMonkey Browser to Generate Contracts & Reports on RM

This article will detail how to install and setup the SeaMonkey browser for your computer. We will detail how to setup this browser using either a Windows, or Mac, computer. In the final section of this guide, I will recap how to configure Java for use with RM.

To begin, you will need to install the SeaMonkey Project browser. Navigate to their website, where you will see a download link for your operating system.

Installation: Windows Users

The setup process is simple. Run the file that you downloaded from SeaMonkey’s website, which will open up the installation screen.

Proceed through the steps, accepting the License Agreement, and selecting the Standard installation.

Finish the installation process, then proceed to the Post-Installation steps below.

Installation – Mac Users

After downloading the SeaMonkey installation package, open the file to mount the Disc Image. Open the disc image, then drag the SeaMonkey file into your Applications folder.

After the file finishes copying over, navigate to the Applications folder, and open SeaMonkey. Depending on your security settings, the application will open, or a security warning will be triggered.

If the application opens, you can go ahead and use SeaMonkey with RM. If you received a security warning, follow the steps below.

Navigate to your System Settings. Then, navigate to the Security and Privacy section.

Once you open this section, navigate to the General tab. This will display a security warning at the bottom “SeaMonkey cannot be opened because it is not from an identified developer.”

In order to proceed, click the Lock icon. Enter your password, then, under the “Allow apps download from:” section, select the option Anywhere. Once that is done, click Open Anyway and SeaMonkey will boot up.

All Users: Post-Installation

Once the installation is complete, you will be able to open up the SeaMonkey browser. You don’t need to change any settings to generate reports – navigate straight to RM and start generating contracts and reports!

If prompted by security warnings, hit Continue

Then, check the “I accept the risk…” box, then click Run.

This will allow the browser to load your contracts and reports! If you are experiencing problems, then please follow the configuration steps for Java below.

Java Configuration – All Users

Recent Java updates have introduced compatibility errors with RM. This means that you must install Java 8 update 144, or an earlier version. If you have a later version of Java already installed on your computer, please uninstall that before proceeding.

Once you have uninstalled Java, or if you never have had Java, then you are ready to download and install Java 8u144 from the below links:

Windows: Download
Mac: Download

After downloading and installing Java successfully, you will need to add RM to Java’s Site Exception List. To do this follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to the Configure Java applet.

Windows: Click the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner and click ‘Control Panel’. Search for ‘Java’ in the top-right bar.

Alternatively, you can search for ‘Configure Java’ in the Cortana search box located in the system menu bar.

Mac: Open ‘System Preferences’ and click the Java icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Click the ‘Security’ tab, then click ‘Edit Site List..

3. Add the following web addresses

4. Click OK to save your site list, then press Apply, then exit the Java Control Panel.

If you have followed all of the above steps, your system should be able to generate all RM files. If you are still having difficulty, please email for assistance.

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