New Reservation System Training Videos

We will be using this blog post to organize all of the training videos created for the new system. These videos can help partners, both new and old, learn the functions of the new system.

We will continue adding to this blog as more training materials are released. Bookmark this page as a resource you can reference whenever you have a question about using the new reservation system.

One important note, that is not covered in the below videos, the new system will include all of your customer and rental data history. This includes all future reservations and payments! So do not fret over the transition, you will have all of your data and logged payments carry over.

#1 – Introductory Video

The first in a series of videos introducing the new Space Walk Reservation System. In this video we log in to a Branch Manager’s profile, and look at the Dashboard, Customer, and Inventory sections of the system.

#2 – Reservation Workflow

In this video we will be showing you the Reservation Workflow. This includes setting an event date, customer, event information, inventory selection, pricing, and saving as a quote or booked reservation.

#3 – Reservation Summary

In this training video, we’ll work in the reservation summary screen – tackling specific tasks, including sending a quote, changing a reservation from quote to booked, generating a contract, adding payment, and submitting the reservation for settlement.

#4 – Reservation Management

In this video we explore the Reservation Management section of the app – which organizes your reservations by their respective status: Pending (which includes Quotes and Online Requests), Booked, Submitted, Finalized, and Graveyard (Cancelled Reservations & Declined Request).

#5 – Borrowing & Loaning

In this video, we’ll show how to use the Loan Management widget – which allows you to request borrows from and loan units to other Space Walk branches.

#6 – Favoriting & Custom Descriptions

In this video we’ll highlight how to favorite a unit – this function allows you to display units from another branch’s inventory on your own website. And learn how to add a custom title or description that displays on your website to customers.

#7 – Contracts Overview

We focus on contracts in this video. Which no longer require Java or old browsers to print! Watch this video to learn the differences between pickup and delivery contracts, as well as itemized and non-itemized contracts. We also show you how to generate a contract batch.

#8 – Submitted-Denied Contracts

In this video we will be looking at a new feature of this system. When you submit a contract to accounting for finalization, and there is some kind of error on the contract, it will be flagged as Submitted-Denied. So we look at how the system displays a flagged contract, and how to resolve it for finalization.

#9 – E-commerce Introduction

In this training video, we’ll walk through fielding an e-commerce request that requires a loan. Including a walkthrough of the Reservation Request process for customers.

#10 – Additional Insured Requests

In this video, we are going to Request an Additional Insured Party. This function becomes available once a reservation has been booked. Requests remain pending until approved by Home Office. Learn how selecting who pays the fee will automatically generate a charge.

#11 – Fleet Pages Overview

In this video, we’ll be taking the role of the customer once again, looking at the updated Space Walk Fleet section. Including the new Branches Carrying This Item feature, which helps funnel more customers to our branches.

#12 – Transfer Workflow

In this video we will be looking at unit transfers in the new system. We have updated the transfer process, giving partners more control, and visibility, of units that are moving out of, or into, their branch. The transfer process has been integrated with unit status to make it easy to track where a unit is within the transfer workflow.

#13 – Historical Data Tour

In the new system, all of your branch’s historical data will migrate over from RM. This video explores where to find that data, and how it connects to different parts of the system.

#14 – Hiding Units and Managing Your ECOMM Site

Want to customize which units, and which details, are displayed on your site for customers to see? Check out this guide! We go over all of the functions of the Item Types tab in this video.

You can also reference our YouTube playlist for an up to date compilation of our video training materials.

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