Top 100: COVID-19 Edition

Hello partners! In our revamped reservation system you may have noticed the State Rank and National Rank fields are not functioning correctly. This is a bug we plan on patching in the future. In the meantime, we wanted to share a special ‘COVID-19 Edition’ of the Top 100 branches. Instead of a full 12-month snapshot, this ranking reflects reservations finalized from 3/1/20-7/31/20.

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Facebook Automated Messages: Enhance Your Customer Communication

Facebook has rolled out many new features over the past few years to optimize communicating with your customers. In this article I will introduce Facebook’s automated messaging tool. This tool allows you to provide your customers with instant communication information on your business and services, even if you are away from your computer or phone.

In this post we will begin by explaining the basics, then provide you with examples, and end by elaborating on a few advanced features.

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