Facebook Automated Messages: Enhance Your Customer Communication

Facebook has rolled out many new features over the past few years to optimize communicating with your customers. In this article I will introduce Facebook’s automated messaging tool. This tool allows you to provide your customers with instant communication information on your business and services, even if you are away from your computer or phone.

In this post we will begin by explaining the basics, then provide you with examples, and end by elaborating on a few advanced features.

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How to Boost Facebook Posts

You hear it all the time, “Boosting posts will grow your business”, “I’ve made a bunch of money off Facebook for my business”, “Advertising on Facebook has ridiculous ROI”. But, how exactly, do you use Facebook for business?

There are many strategies! This is my first post in a series of different ways to grow your business using The Social Network. Read on to see how easy it is to boost posts on Facebook!

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How to Promote Your Facebook Page

On Facebook there are two primary types of paid advertising:

Post Boost: This is when you pay to boost the reach of a post you made on your page’s wall. This type of ad will show up in user’s timeline as a sponsored Facebook story. This type of ad is excellent for comments and phone calls. Learn more about boosting posts with our guide!

Page Promotion: This paid advertising utilizes Facebook’s sidebar for promotion as well as the timeline. This ad is optimized for Page Likes which grows your network you consistently reach out to with your posts.

If you’ve graduated from our Five Fundamentals of Facebook course, you’re ready to take the next step with this guide on Promoting Pages.

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Get Incredible Results With These Facebook Best Practices

“What is the best kind of Facebook post?” is a common question I hear from Space Walk partners. There is no on answer to this question though. The best Facebook pages post a variety of content, like inspirational quotes, videos, images, or jokes.

I have assembled some of the best Facebook posts from around the Space Walk FB network for this blog. Check these out below, with an explanation for each one.

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Did You See That? How to Optimize Videos For Facebook

Recently Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, was interviewed where he remarked that videos would soon replace photos as the primary content in News Feeds. Put simply, video will soon be the best way to get a potential customer’s attention.

If used correctly, Facebook videos can drive a lot of traffic and attention to your website. This post will show you how to properly post videos onto your Space Walk Facebook page.

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