Cleaning Inflatables | The Works

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 Our first topic? Cleaning inflatables with the Works.

 Kyle Lampp Ok so Krudd Kutter is amazing on getting off hard water stains but is expensive as well. For those of you that use “The Works” do you put it on in the gel form or put in another bottle and dilute it so you can spray it on? If you dilute it can you let me know the best mixture ratii, b/c I can buy those a lot cheaper.
Dana Valentino I buy it in liquid. Just put it full speed in a sprayer and stand back and shoot.
Dana Valentino Don’t let it touch your skin. That is why I spray it. Don’t need to wipe or scrub. Just rinse off after the stains drip off. I clean a whole Tsunami slide with one and a half bottles. That is $2 per cleaning.
 Adam Hemphill Just cleaned the liner on my Kahuna Jr. with The Works and it is honestly like magic!!! I am amazed by the stuff. I put it in a spray bottle full strength as Dana suggested, sprayed it on then walked 20 ft to get the hose and came back and sprayed it off. Literally in less than a minute all the rust stains are gone with zero physical scrubbing!! If only there was something like this for dirt stains…

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