Fee & Discount Updates in SWRS

When the new system launches, one section that has been renovated is the Fees & Discount section. This blog will update you on all of the changes you can expect in the new Reservation System. Be sure to review our SWRS training videos for a full overview of the Reservation Workflow.


We have eliminated and consolidated the fee structure from RM.

The Certificate fee is being removed as an option. This fee has been automated, applying automatically to reservations with an approved Additional Insured Certificate. See our video on Additional Insured Certificates for more details.

Cleaning and Re-Roll fees have been consolidated to a single fee: Cleaning & Reroll fee.

The Freight fee is being re-titled as Extended Distance Delivery fee. You will use this fee to increase your delivery charge on reservations that extend to far distances from your delivery hub. This is also where you add a charge for any freight expenses you incur for a reservation – in cases where you had a unit shipped to your branch for a borrow.

A screenshot of the new fee table. Located on Step 6 of the Reservation Workflow.


In the new system, discounts are added to a reservation using the Discount Amount and Discount Type fields on Step 6 of the Reservation Workflow. This is found directly above the fees section.

You can choose to apply a discount as a specified dollar amount (i.e. $10 off), or you can discount by a percentage of the reservation total (i.e. 10% off) by selecting between the two options in the Discount Type dropdown.

Delivery and Discount Restrictions

When you add a discount to a reservation, there are a few restrictions that apply to the reservation, per Space Walk policy.

With a discount added, a reservation’s delivery fee cannot exceed 40% of the Unit Fee.

Remove the discount, and you will be able to apply a delivery fee up to 50% of the Unit Fee.

If you require charging a higher delivery fee in order to make the reservation profitable, then you can use the Extended Distance Delivery fee to increase the delivery fee total. Look at the example below where the Delivery fee ($100), combined with the Extended Distance Delivery fee ($100), equal to 100% of the Unit Fee ($200):

However, you cannot apply an Extended Distance Delivery fee to any reservations with a discount applied.

If you require a discount for a large event, which requires a large delivery fee, contact your Operations Manager for assistance with the contract.

Partner Questions:

What if I can’t recoup my expenses on a reservation without discounting?

Then we want to update your rack rate pricing. Contact your Operations Manager today to work out a pricing structure that is competitive, profitable, and equitable. Our goal is that you can competitively market your products, at a rate that is profitable for both the branch and protects Space Walk’s investment.

What if I need to discount for a large event, but will lose money with a limited delivery fee?

If you require a discount for a large event, which requires a large delivery fee, contact your Operations Manager for assistance with modifying the contract.

What do you mean Certificate Fees are automated?

When you request an Additional Insured Certificate, you will be given the option for either the Customer or the Partner to pay the Certificate fee. If you select Customer, then a charge of $25 will automatically apply as a fee on the reservation. If you select Partner, then your branch will have a $25 fee applied to their Account ledger.

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