How to Check and Delete VOIP Voicemail

Your VOIP voicemail inbox has a capacity of 50 messages. After you have reached this number of messages, customers will no longer be able to leave you voicemail.

Just listening to the voicemail will not clear it out, you must manually archive or delete the voicemail in order to create more room. Here is a short guide on how to do that

Login to Phonebooth

1. Navigate to the login site at:

2. Your login email is either your branch code (ex. or your extension ( If you are not sure what your login email is, April can provide you with that information, just email her –

Manage Voicemail

After logging in, you will be taken to the home page, where you will see all of your messages displayed. There are an array of buttons you can use to manage the individual messages, including forwarding, downloading, saving, and deleting. Deleting old messages will clear out space for new ones.

Make sure to check and clear space in your voicemail on a regular basis to ensure customers can easily reach your branch!

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