IAAPA 2019 Recap & Photo Roundup

At this year’s IAAPA the Home Office staff was joined by dozens of Space Walk Partners from around the country. Over the week we met for drinks, donuts, dinner, and discussion. And, of course, the IAAPA Convention, where we met with our top suppliers, and saw the latest innovations in the inflatable and entertainment rental industry.

Check out some of our favorite photos from IAAPA below!

Tuesday Morning Meet’n’Greet at Rosen Plaza

Pastries, Donuts, and Fresh Fruit before a long day of walking.
Partner meet-up before heading to the convention center for IAAPA’s Opening Day.
Carb up before you carve up (the convention floor).

Tour With Our Top Suppliers

Space Walk Squad on the convention floor.
Kevin Cook, head of HEC Inflatables, dishing info.
John Beisner leading the team between stops.
Ed Kash and Greg from E-Inflatables explaining their newest innovations and improvements to the Space Walk crew.

Wednesday Tech Lab at Rosen Plaza

Returning for a second morning at the Rosen Plaza!
Running through the new system’s historically imported data.

Wednesday Dinner at Lafayette’s

Our dinner this year was hosted at Lafayette’s, a New Orleans-themed restaurant.
Space Walk of Orlando provided many fun games to entertain children (of all ages).
All attendees were serenaded with tender acoustic covers of classic pop songs. Mostly Beatles songs.
Lafayette’s setup a buffet style meal, with many Cajun-style dishes.
SW of Cedar Rapids-Dubuque-Iowa City, posing in front of this year’s Top Performers banner.
40+ Years of combined branch management experience! Annette and Johnny (GER) posing with Gus (JAX) and Kelsey.
Chance (SCA), Tony (ORS), Sandy and Khamnoth (CED).
Dessert was exceptional, featuring Banana Foster mini-cups.
Chris & Jody (CAN) with Michael (Home Office) and Karly (SCA).
Kim & Heather Teff (Home Office) with Dave & Jessica Sells (MUR).
The Carolina crew!
Partners catching up over drinks.

Other Shots From the Convention Floor

This inflatable was a bigger hit than brunch.
Some slides are bigger than others.
Michael made his first trip to IAAPA, fresh off of his recent wedding!
There are a variety of rides to enjoy at IAAPA, not all of them are inflatables!
Captain Marvel made an appearance this year (look up).
Chewbacca standing post outside of the Millennium Falcon.
Axe throwing with a softer edge!
New basketball game.

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