2nd Quarter Bonus | 2015

Congratulations to our branches who earned 2nd Quarter Bonus. This is the hardest quarter to make bonus and you passed the mark – great work!

Space Walk of Orlando


Congrats to Space Walk Orlando on another quarter making bonus! Dream of scoring bonus like Tony and Katwyn? Getting to the top takes exceptional customer service!

Space Walk of Jacksonville


Congrats to Gus and Joyce at Space Walk of Jacksonville! Gus enjoys giving other members of the Space Walk family a hard time, but we all know at his heart he’s just a kid trying to have fun – zip on Gus!


Space Walk of Martin – St. Lucie

Congrats to Jonathan and Chasity from Space Walk of Martin – St. Lucie! With the leadership of the Todd family, TRC has flown up the ranks to join two other branches (JAX & ORS) who combine for over 30 years of experience in the inflatable industry. From the bottom to the top in just 3 years – impressive work!

If you missed out on 2nd Quarter Bonus, fear not! There is still a great opporunity for bonus in the 3rd Quarter. Regardless, most of our branches have had an outsanding year-to-date, so congratulations all around!

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