Big Changes in the Reservation System

As we prepare to launch our new Reservation System, we wanted to give our partners a heads up about some changes coming when we go live. Read on to learn about all of these changes.

And don’t forget to check out all of the new training videos!

Rack Rate Pricing

When the new system launches, one of the first things you will notice is that units no longer have tiered pricing. Previously, each unit had three different pricing tiers, depending on customer type. Going forward, all of our units will have one ‘rack rate’ price. You will still be able to increase the rental price for a unit, just like in the current RM.

Most branches have already implemented single-tier pricing. If you have not, contact your Operations Manager to work on that pricing.

No More Loan Contracts

We will be eliminating loan contracts in the new system. The loan & borrowing system has been reimagined in this system, and is integrated directly with your branch’s inventory page. If you are collecting a loan fee for a borrow, you will be able to see that info in the email generated for an approved loan:

Going forward, all of your loans and borrows will be managed exclusively in the Loan Management widget, located in the Inventory tab of the new system. Watch this video to learn more.

Eliminating Unit ID

We will also be eliminating Unit IDs in the new system. Going forward, serial # will be the primary method of unit identification. Serial number is now the sole unique identifier for units in your branch.

Make sure to mark the serial number of your units clearly on the outside of the unit, so that it is easily visible while rolled up. You can use a paint marker to clearly write this.

If you have any questions about the above changes, reach out to your primary Operations contact.

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