Mobile Billboards: Put Your Trailer To Work

Space Walk delivery drivers spend hours every week traveling for deliveries and pickups. Why not get a return on that investment of time and money with a wrapped trailer? Not only will it make the kids that pass you go wild from the pictures, it gives parents a chance to grab your contact information.

In the age of smart phones it only takes a simple swipe for mom or dad to snap a quick picture of your wrapped trailer. And just like that they have your phone number and website url! Read on to learn more about getting your trailer wrapped.

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Business Directory Bonanza

One of the most important elements of Search Engine Optimization is local business directory listings. This is effective for two reasons:

  • Anyone using a business directory will be able to find your branch’s information easily.
  • Seach Engine Robots scour the web looking for indicators that your business is legit. The more listings you have out there, with the correct address, website, email, and phone #, means more indicators out there to help you rank higher.
  • It really, really helps your search visibility.

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