Work Smarter, Not Harder: Organizing Your Inflatable Inventory

Want to make your life easier when you’re getting ready for a weekend-full of rentals? An organized and clearly labelled inventory can help managers and their staff when packing up trailers and trucks for deliveries. Read on for some pro tips in organization from around Space Walk Country.

Clearly Labelled Units

Having all of your units clearly labelled is essential to keeping your inventory sorted. Include the unit name (i.e. Basketball Jam) and the Space Walk assigned serial number (123-456) when labelling the unit. If you aren’t sure about the name or serial # refer to your Active Inventory sheet, available to view/print in the Utilities section of Reservation Master.

If the unit you are labelling is black, or any other dark shade, use Sharpie’s Mean Streak marker – it’s white and waterproof, which ensures the label will last. For light-colored units pick up a Sharpie Magnum marker in black. This marker is also weather-proof, designed to leave marks that last a long time. You may roll your units up a few different ways, depending on the occasion, so don’t be afraid to label the unit in a few different places.

Labelled Blowers

All of our blowers come labelled with a serial # on a plate, but there is a chance that the label with the serial # falls off. Because of this, we encourage partners to label their branch’s blowers with the serial # from the plate via marker. Here’s an example:

On the new Cyclone blowers (pictured) this is critically important. The serial # on the cyclone blowers is only displayed on a sticker. In order to prevent losing this serial # label, immediately label your Cyclone blowers upon receipt.

Having serial #’s on blowers is critical to a smooth transition when transferring blowers/units between branches, so please take a few minutes to clearly mark all of your blowers.

Storage Rack

Investing in a storage rack will be an expenditure you won’t regret. Getting your blowers onto a shelf instead of a pile will extend the life and quality of your blowers. Add a few arms to your shelf for holding your extension cord collection.

This is also a great way to get sand bags and stakes off the floor. Throw your stakes in an empty paint bucket to prevent rusting. If you use tarps, a  storage rack can be a comfortable home for a well-folded tarp, as well as any other accessories you may have.

If you follow the above tips you will never have trouble tracking down items in your inventory. You never know when the occasion will call for these labels, so grab your markers, print out an Active Inventory sheet, and get your inventory tagged up!

If you have any questions about labelling your units, blowers, or inventory in general, contact Cory Senior!

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