New Reservation System Training Videos

We will be using this blog post to organize all of the training videos created for the new system. These videos can help partners, both new and old, learn the functions of the new system.

We will continue adding to this blog as more training materials are released. Bookmark this page as a resource you can reference whenever you have a question about using the new reservation system.

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Give Yourself A Gift – Partner Referral Bonus!

By: Kunal Nayee

Hello and Happy New Year!

As the lead recruiter, I wanted to send out a quick reminder to new, and current, partners. It’s not too late to give yourself one last Christmas gift! Supplement your income during slow season by spreading the word about opportunities available at Space Walk. This could earn you a referral bonus!

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Lessons Learned As A First Time, Top-5 Branch Manager

An Article By Guest Author Cory Senior

Happy Holidays, everyone!  I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the past 12 months of running my own Space Walk branch. To start off, we had to completely revamp and reorganize our inventory and warehouse storage.

After replacing every light, most of the racks, all of our Super Movers, extension cords, and various supplies – as well as painting and tearing down both a hallway and a bathroom  – we have come a long way!

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